Canvas Announcement - Supv Acquisition Analyst

By PEO Aviation G1July 25, 2023

Canvass Announcement: CANVASS - 2322 -1101-04 (S) – Cargo

Vacancies filled from this canvass announcement will be filled via permanent reassignment.

Position Title, PP-Series-Grade: Supv Acquisition Analyst, NH-1101-04

Location: US Army Acquisition Support Center, PM Cargo, Office of the Program Executive Office, Aviation (PEO AVN), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Who May Apply: This reassignment is open to all current permanent PEO Aviation Employees.. This canvass is a permanent reassignment.

NOTE: Due to the level of duties to be performed, only employees currently at the NH-04 (GS-14/15) equivalent will be considered.

Open & Close Dates: 24 July 2023 through 08 August 2023

Salary Range: $120,849-$183,500

This is a pay banded position. The NH-04 band encompasses grades 14 and 15 under the General Schedule (GS) system.

Funding: Permanent Change of Station/Relocation and TDY expenses are not authorized.

Number of Vacancies: 1

Additional candidates selected from this canvass may be used to fill similar vacancies within PEO Aviation.

Experience Required for this Position: Includes 1) In-depth knowledge of aviation weapon systems, 2) Leading a group/team in developing, maintaining, and coordinating acquisition plans and programs to assure timely and economical requirements are met; and 3) Ensuring contracts are taken from requirements definition to contract award.

Major Duties:

 ·        Serves as Chief of a Business Branch for a Project Management Office, which is chartered to direct the development, production, and fielding of a major aviation weapon system and/or related mission equipment. The program is a top Army program with risks and complexities characterized by compelling and conflicting requirements, continuous trade-off and compromise, high visibility, major impact on U.S. combat readiness, urgency, compressed acquisition schedules, and very high dollar investment.

·        Directs the program planning and analysis, cost analysis, systems analysis, and business management elements of the program. The Project Manager has delegated authority to the incumbent to act for the PM in all areas of the aforementioned program.

·        Through subordinate staff members, develops, maintains, and coordinates procurement plans and programs to assure the timely and economical acquisition and fielding of systems, to include technical specifications, production schedules, source selection plans, procurement requirements packages, requests for proposals, proposal evaluation and pre-award survey, contract negotiations monitoring of contract execution and cost performance, change orders, and contract modification.

·        Develops plans and objectives. Provides staff and technical guidance and direction to elements engaged in the development and implementation of plans and objectives to ensure programmed system and subsystem time, cost, and performance schedules are accurately established and met.

·        Reviews policies, directives, regulations, and orders received from higher echelons.

·        Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates accomplishment of overall program by review of reports, studies, projects, and information provided by staff members, support personnel, contractors, and other agencies.

·        Identifies existing or potential problem areas and recommends or directs necessary corrective action and preventive measures.

·        Renders advice and assistance to the PM and higher level staff pertaining to assigned programs, objectives, problems, and funding considerations.

·        Makes formal and informal presentations outlining the history, current status, and objectives of functional responsibilities.

·        Visits headquarters, other PMs, commodity commands, and field activities and provides advice and counsel on activities having Command/PEO-wide implication.

Conditions of Employment:

 1)      Must meet suitability for Federal employment.

2)      Will be required to provide proof of U.S. Citizenship

3)      Direct Deposit of pay is required.

4)      Male applicants born after December 31, 1959, must complete a Pre-employment Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration

5)      Salary includes applicable locality pay or Local Market Supplement

6)      Must possess or be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance duration of employment.

7)      This position has a Temporary Duty (TDY) or business travel requirement - may be required up to 25% of the time.

8)      This position requires a Financial Disclosure Statement OGE Form 450 and annually thereafter in accordance with DoD Directive 5500-7-R.

9)      This is a Critical Acquisition Position (CAP). Critical Acquisition Positions (CAP) no longer require Acquisition Corps membership with the approval of the DoDI 5000.66, change 3.

10)  This position requires a 3-year tenure agreement. Must sign DD Form 2888 (Critical Acquisition Position Service Agreement) and execute, as a condition of employment, a written tenure agreement.

11)  This is an Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Workforce position. Selectee must meet position requirements for Contracting, Practitioner certification within 60 months of entrance on duty.

12)  A one-year probationary period to assess your ability to perform supervisory duties may be required unless previously completed.

Additional Requirement for CAPS:

 •        Highest category of certification in the applicable functional area, except for Program Management, which requires Practitioner or higher category certification.

•        Incumbent must execute 3-year tenure agreement, except as tailored by the CAE GS- 14 or equivalent/O-5 level or above.

•        4 years of acquisition experience.

How to Apply:

 Please send an e-mail to: containing the following:

Subject: CANVASS - 2322 -1101-04 (S) – Cargo

Required Documents:

-      Resume must include your first and last name, current address, current email address, current phone number, job title, employer, duties, and accomplishments; as well as hours worked per week and dates of employment.

If you wish to submit a cover letter, please attach it in a separate document, as the emails are not forwarded to management.

Please submit all documents in PDF or Word format, preferably (not required) saved as “Last

Name, First Initial – Document type,” i.e., “Doe, J – Resume”

Application packages will be accepted through 11:59pm CT on 08 August 2023.

Please Note: Application packages that are received after the closing date, do not contain resume, and resumes that do not contain all the required information or are submitted in unreadable formats, will not be considered.

CANVASS - 2322 -1101-04 Cargo.pdf [PDF - 326.4 KB]