2nd floor framing
Construction of the framing for the second floor of Barrack 100 at Fort Hood, Texas, is underway. Barrack 100 is the first barrack to be built from the ground up on the installation in more than two decades. When completed in 2023, the structure will house Soldiers from the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. (Photo Credit: Photo courtesy Fort Hood DPW) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT HOOD, Texas - The framing for the second floor of Barrack 100 is currently being constructed here.

The barracks will be home to 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Soldiers. Command Sgt. Maj. Porter Seagram, 69th ADA, said Barrack 100 will provide Soldiers a better quality of life.

“These new barracks will drastically improve the quality of life for our Soldiers. Not only are they moving into a fresh space, but they will also be significantly closer to the Lightning Ranch (69th ADA Headquarters). This is noteworthy because some of our Soldiers have a 20-to-25-minute commute from their barracks to work,” Seagram said. “This also helps with carpooling, as it will be easier for them to get a ride. Approximately 15% of our barracks Soldiers do not own a vehicle, so having them close to their workplace is a welcome improvement. This will also assist our leaders that do leader checks and inspections. These checks will become more efficient and will take less time out of the day of both the Soldier and the leader.”

The suites in Barrack 100 will each house two Soldiers. Each Soldier will have their own room to allow them some privacy – which was a large concern brought up by Soldiers in the past.

“We are building rooms that will provide each Soldier with a private room and walk-in closet. Soldiers appreciate the privacy and ability to store and secure their things,” said Brian Dosa, the Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works director. “Barrack number 100 will be built to the 1 + 1 standard, similar to some, but better than many of our barracks on Fort Hood.”

Barrack 100 is the first to be built from the ground up in more than two decades and is projected to be completed in August of 2023.