AMCOM contracting officer's representative ensures information technology support services available when needed

By Katherine BelcherFebruary 16, 2022

AMCOM contracting officer ensures information technology support services available when needed
Adrienne Wilson is the contracting officer’s representative for AMCOM G-6 and oversees the command’s information management and information technology service contracts. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

With nearly 35 years of federal service under her belt, Adrienne M. Wilson admits her retirement from federal service is on the horizon.

Wilson has been with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command since 2002 after working in a variety of positions at military bases around the world. She has had deep ties to the Army for most of her adult life and married her high school sweetheart, who joined the Army as an enlisted Soldier and served until his retirement. Two of her brothers also retired from the Army, as did her father-in-law. She also has a sister-in-law who served in the Army.

“I was fortunate to begin my civil service career during my husband’s first tour of duty in Germany,” said Wilson. “We had two young children when I started to work as an operations clerk at the child development center. We were having a hard time making ends meet and I was extremely thankful to get a job as a GS-4.”

She currently serves as the contracting officer’s representative for AMCOM G-6 and oversees the command’s information management and information technology service contracts. Wilson monitors and ensures performance is in compliance with the work statement and contract; coordinates with government customers; reviews, approves and rejects deliverables and invoices; monitors and coordinates customer funding requirements; and supports budget planning for G-6 contract support.

During her career, Wilson never stopped progressing professionally or academically - which was a challenge with children, permanent change of station moves, a deployed spouse and working full-time. Continuing her education was always a goal, but often was put on hold as other life events took priority. She never gave up and eventually earned a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees.

“I took college classes for years trying to finish my degree and received a bachelor’s degree a month before our daughter graduated high school in 2001,” said Wilson. “Then I finished my master’s degree about a month before our daughter finished her master’s degree and our son finished his bachelor’s degree.”

Wilson views those difficulties as opportunities and is thankful for the ways in which her family life and career have progressed.

“The Army provided a great opportunity for me to learn and see more than I ever thought possible. The places I have been and the people that I have worked with have taught me so much more than I could have imagined,” said Wilson. “It also allowed our two children to see other areas in the world and gain a much broader understanding of the wonders and challengers that others face.”

Joan Poma is the G-6 chief of IM&T resources management and Wilson’s supervisor. She nominated Wilson for an AMCOM MVP Award last year citing her leadership and management skills and outstanding customer service in the successful award of the ITSS contract, which is a five-year, $55 million contract to extend services for the DCS G-6 chief information officer, Bob Jones Auditorium, AMCOM Logistics Center Technical Publications Directorate and Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas.

The dramatic increase in the number of employees teleworking during the pandemic made the need for reliable information technology support more important than ever.

“Ms. Wilson demonstrated outstanding performance while exhibiting expertise in multiple IT service contracts. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, competing priorities and changing requirements, she successfully executed all contract actions in a timely and cost-effective manner while providing exceptional customer support during those critical times,” said Poma. “Her ability to utilize problem-solving skills, strategic planning and tactical execution was significant to the success of the AMCOM mission. Her accomplishments are a credit to the command.”

For Wilson, helping Soldiers and civilians successfully execute their mission is the driving force behind her strong work ethic and professionalism.

“I enjoy doing work that has a positive impact. Our contracts provide critical support to AMCOM, the G-6, [Multi-user Engineering Change Proposal Automated Review System], ALC tech pubs and Corpus Christi Army Depot,” said Wilson. “I try to do the right thing and always do my best. Contributing to others and enabling them to achieve their mission is rewarding.”

Wilson said she will most likely retire in the next couple of years and is looking forward to the next phase of her life, but not before setting up her team for success.

“We have our first grandchild and he has turned into my favorite hobby,” said Wilson. “I am nearing the end of my career. At this point, I hope to share what I know with my teammates and peers so that everything continues to run smoothly when I retire.”