BAGHDAD - When Sgt. Jeremy Brown of Glenville, W. Va., was involuntarily recalled to deploy to Iraq this year, it quickly became a family affair.

Both his brothers, Sgt. David Brown also of Glenville and Spc. Poleman Brown of Buckhannon, W. Va., volunteered to deploy, too.

This is the second "group" Iraq deployment for the three brothers, who are assigned to Company D, 230th Brigade Support Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

"We don't get lonely or homesick quite as much when we deploy together," said Jeremy, the oldest of the three.

They are the only children of David and Judith Brown of Glenville.

"Mom has gotten used to it but I don't think she likes it very much," said Jeremy. "Dad is proud of us. He would like for one or two of us to go, but not all three at one time."

In 2005, the three volunteered for a tour in Iraq with the West Virginia Army National Guard's 1257th Transportation Company of Huntington, W. Va. They were split into different platoons, but visited each other regularly.

This time they live and work closer to each other.

Jeremy and Poleman, the middle son, work together in the supply section and David, the youngest, repairs vehicles at Camp Stryker, near Baghdad.

"We are the distribution platoon; we supply everything except ammunition and fuel," said Jeremy. "As the supply sergeant I am Poleman's boss; I actually expect more out of him because he is my brother."

While the three have jobs on the camp, they also do missions off the base.

"It's not as dangerous as people think because they [leadership] separate us when we go on missions," said Jeremy.

"Going on a mission is an adrenaline rush," said Jeremy. "It's why we are here and what we get paid to do."

This is Jeremy's fourth overseas tour, David's third, and Poleman's second. All three brothers plan to remain in the military until they retire. David needs at least 10 more years of service, Jeremy needs 12, and Poleman needs 14.

"Little brother outranks them both and will retire first," said David about himself.

All agreed that if, in the future, one of the three was called to deploy again, the other two would be there with him.

"I tend to watch over the other two because I should; after all I am the oldest," said Jeremy. "At the same time I know if I need them they will be there, no questions asked."