Tactical Airspace Integration System

By PEO AviationSeptember 22, 2020

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The AN/TSQ-221 Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS) is a mobile, digitized communications and battlefield information system providing air-ground synchronization and airspace integration within the operational environment based on Joint service and Army information system inputs. The TAIS includes a mobile sheltered operations station, towed power plants and modernized, jam-resistant communications. TAIS is transportable by all standard land, rail, sea, fixed-wing and rotary wing transportation methods. It is the Army’s system of record for Airspace Control (AC) and en route Air Traffic Services within the Army Mission Command System of Systems and it serves as the Army’s direct link into the Theater Air Ground System.

TAIS provides the force with an AC management/planning/execution tool for select commanders and their staffs at multiple Army echelons and also provides interoperability with the airspace planning components of the U.S. Air Force/U.S. Navy Theater Battle Management Core System and with the airspace planning and air traffic control systems of Unified Action Partner Forces.

TAIS provides automated 3D display of the Airspace Control Order (ACO) for both Air Traffic Control and Airspace Managers. Soldiers are able to instantly create and request airspace within minutes and receive and post the ACO with a few button clicks. The system has enabled aviation commanders and Soldiers to execute airspace clearance for fires; dynamically re-task of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and respond to aircraft accident/incidents more rapidly in combat environments. TAIS also enables seamless operations with Unified Action Partner AC systems. Further, TAIS provides better support to homeland defense and natural disaster relief operations by connecting to civilian and military radars and networks.

TAIS airspace management capabilities are also available in a AN/TSQ-211 single-user portable Airspace WorkStation.

Download the Tactical Airspace Integration System Fact Sheet [PDF - 489.2 KB]