President's Day Safety Message

By Eighth ArmyFebruary 12, 2020

President's Day Safety Message
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On February 17, 2020 our nation cerebrates President's Day where we remember our past and present leaders. We reflect on the achievements of those who have held America's highest elected office, the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

In preparation for this holiday, leaders must continue to promote safety awareness across our formations. Remember, safety is a culture that involves constant leadership engagement in order to heighten Soldier awareness to risks associated with daily operations. Leaders or Soldiers must remain focused on mitigating risk to reduce the potential for accidents. Risk management principles make a difference when they are incorporated into on and off duty activities.

During this time of year, areas of special emphasis should be placed on:

Cold Weather Injury Prevention. Newly assigned personnel do not understand winter in Korea until they experience it firsthand. It can get very cold, very quickly. Leaders are responsible to ensure Soldiers understand cold weather injury prevention measures, treatment techniques, care and use of their winter clothing and equipment.

Pedestrian Safety. Korea has the highest pedestrian accident and fatality rate of any country in the world. Don't assume that cars are going to stop, especially with the presence of ice, snow, and limited visibility. Remember to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you. Don't take a walk signal, a green traffic light, or a driver for granted. Always remain vigilant in crosswalks and on sidewalks beside roadways.

Vehicle Operations. Weather and road conditions change frequently during the winter months. Be cognizant of freezing temperatures, black ice and fog on local roads and highways. Vehicle operators should know they can obtain up-to-date road condition information on Area I through IV Garrison Home Pages. Always have a backup plan and allow for extra travel time. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Look after each other and use the "Buddy System." By stressing caution, discipline, and teamwork we can have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend without injuries or loss of life. Thank you for your dedicated service to our Nation, the Republic of Korea, and fellow Soldiers of Eighth Army!

Pacific Victors!


Major General, USA

Deputy Commanding General-Sustainment



Command Sergeant Major

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