FORT HOOD, Texas- Capt. Micah Stavrou, commander for Killer Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, came up with a unique way to share the history of the Brave Rifles and conduct physical training at the same time."I wanted to generate creativity and inspire innovation with our younger leaders. Physical Training is a time where we should strengthen our bodies as well as our minds," Stavrou said. "There is no better opportunity than PT. We are creating well-rounded scholar athletic troopers."Stavrou said he realized there was a lack of knowledge of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment's history amongst the lower enlisted population."I believe the unit's history affects the pride we have in the regiment," he said. "I also wanted to mentor the next generation which is why E4 and below was responsible for researching and presenting the history to the formation."The troopers started off the morning run on Sept. 6 at the troop headquarters and a short lesson on the Civil War. "The weight we all bear." Then the troop was off and running to tank corral where they circled the tank like a wagon wheel, received another history lesson on Indian Wars and finished with push-ups.The third history lesson took place at the 3rd Cavalry Museum where the troopers learned about WWI trench warfare and ran up and down a hill conducting broad jumps, bear crawls and the backward run.Other stops along the route at the museum included lessons on WWII, fallen heroes and the run closed out with history of past regiment commanders at the regimental headquarters building."Our history is our legacy and I want to leave a legacy that carries on in each trooper in my charge," Stavrou said. "We need leaders who think outside the box and maximize the time they have to train a more lethal formation to fight our future wars."