Story by Master Sgt. Shelia Cooper, 3rd ID Public AffairsThe 3rd Infantry Division will welcome its first French deputy commanding general later this month.Brig. Gen. Hubert Cottereau was born in Constance, Germany. He was commissioned in the French military in 1991 as an armor officer.Cottereau has served in many positions to include the United Nations Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia; 3rd Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron; Deputy Assistant Director of the Southern Europe Department at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Special Assistant, Director of the Commander's Action Group and head of the Studies and Fusion Office at the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in Norfolk, Va. He has deployed to Kosovo and Mali.The U.S. Army Allies and Partnership Program helps strengthen relationships and promote interoperability among U.S. and Foreign militaries.The program encourages joint training and integration, assisting with bilateral Army-to-Army staff talks with key allies; and International interoperability and standardization programs across both militaries, which allows Foreign military officials to experience U.S. military forces standard processes and procedures and customs and courtesies, as well as bring new prospective to the organization.Cottereau and his Family will join the Marne Team for approximately three years.