Slips, trips and falls Army safety poster
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Army "watch where you walk" poster
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Drivers are encouraged to stay off the roads as much as possible during periods of severe winter weather, but winter weather can also be hazardous to pedestrians.

Winters in Michigan typically bring snow, ice, and freezing temperatures that can be treacherous for the men and women who work, and walk, at the Detroit Arsenal.

"The TACOM Safety Office encourages individuals to exercise extreme caution and situational awareness while walking outdoors, especially during periods where visible moisture is present," said Chris Martinez, safety and occupational health program manager at U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command.

According to Martinez, there have been numerous slips, trips, and falls at Detroit Arsenal since 2017, including near misses from uneven walking surfaces and environmental conditions, such as rain, ice, snow, etc., and those are just the reported cases.

All occurrences that cause injury, occupational illness, or property damage of any kind are reportable to the safety office.

"Another avoidable risk that needs to be addressed is distracted walking. Distracted walking can be defined as anything from walking while texting, tweeting, gaming, talking, surfing the web or listening to headphones," said Martinez.

The TACOM Safety Office encourages people to avoid the use of electronic devices while walking, both indoors and outdoors, with the motto, "heads up, phones down."

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