CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, TIKRIT, Iraq -Imagine being in your home experiencing the normal routines of life with the smell of raw sewage seeping throughout the house-this is a reality for many Iraqis.
In an attempt to solve this issue for the families of Ad Dujayl and increase their confidence in the Government of Iraq, leaders of the Provincial and City council along with Coalition forces gathered to discuss essential services and projects that will eventually lead to new sewer systems for the people of the city, May 12.
A major concern for the city of Ad Dujayl has been the upkeep of the sewer systems.
In more than 26 thousand Ad Dujayl homes, there are built-in septic tanks that fill up and store sewage content inside. The residents have run into problems because of the city's sanitation workers inability to empty the tanks in the houses due to unserviceable roads. The results have been houses filled with foul odors that seep from the septic tanks, according to Ad Dujayl Mayor Muhammed Mahmood.
"This is a very important step for us as representatives of Ad Dujayl, because this will be the first important project that we will be able to supervise with little involvement of Coalition forces-we will be able to directly impact the qada," said Ahmed Dookhi, Salah ad Din Provincial Director of sewage.
The meeting took place to provide a way of connecting provincial leaders to the city leaders to begin implementation of solutions throughout the city.
The highlight of the meeting surfaced when Ad Dujayl council members began to look to their own for solutions. Coalition forces took an advisory role, allowing all present to speak openly and come to an agreement. The council devised an effective plan to improve the lives of their people.
"Somewhere on the streets of Ad Dujayl is a boy or girl who you will never meet-you may never know them, but they will have a better life because of your actions," said Lt. Col. David Snodgrass, deputy commander, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, who addressed the council.
"This is an honor to see how hard you are working to provide services to the people-Engineer Ahmed Dookhi is not sitting in his office, he is out seeing how he can serve his people-this deserves our admiration and respect," continued Snodgrass.
Along with a new sewer system, additional sewage equipment such as submersible pumps, man-hole covers, new sewer pipes and more efficient roads were proposed as necessities during the meeting. The proposed projects will be pending completion until Ad Dujayl councilmen receive authorization and funding from Government of Iraq.