CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT -- Imagine sitting in a local restaurant enjoying a meal when out of the corner of your eye someone drops to the floor. What do you do? Some panic, while others react with CPR. Soldiers keep their life saving skills up to date by taking part in a CPR recertification class at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. This class provides soldiers the opportunity to learn the emergency response skills that can help save lives. "There's always a possibility of someone having cardiac arrest. People trained in CRP could possibly save someone's life," said Sgt. Troy Fowler, health care professional for the 317st Sustainment Brigade. The American Heart Association provides the official guidelines on the training. It explains the one and two person method in which CPR and the Automated External Defibrillators (AED) is used. "For me if I have soldiers around me; no matter the rank if something happens to them I'll have these skills to possibly save their life and that's important to me," said Sgt. Elizabeth Modlin, 1086th Transportation Company. The steps they follow say to first call for assistance while beginning CPR. Next check the breathing, pulse and then start to give compressions. The rescuer will use a bag valve mask or pocket mask to get air to the lungs. The AED is used to get the heart beating. "This training makes sure you still know how to do CPR since it is something you can forget over time and the standards change. This keeps you up to date with the newest information," said Fowler. "CPR can be used anywhere not just here but even back home to save a stranger on the streets," said Modlin. Lifesavers must attend certification class every two years to keep current with updated standards. Many military installations offer classes like this. Contact your local medical unit and ask for details.