KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- "We fixed it." AFN Kaiserslautern will switch to a U.S. friendly frequency Jan. 18, allowing local listeners to access the station in American vehicles. The new frequency will be 105.1 and can be accessed in American Spec cars, while the old frequency of 100.2 will convert to a Deutschland Radio station."This change is a long time coming," said Master Sgt. Christina Nelson, station manager at AFN Kaiserslautern. "We felt our audience's frustration at not being able to access their local radio station in their cars and we wanted to fix it."The original signal was established when you could easily adjust the analog car stereos to tune into any station on the dial. However, with today's digital U.S. car stereos you can only tune in the odd numbered frequencies. Nelson added, "We are excited to expand our audience reach and look forward to providing the entire Kaiserslautern Military Community with relevant traffic, weather, and command information during their daily commutes. So tune in Jan. 18 at 11 a.m."Audience members can still access AFN Kaiserslautern from their computers using AFN360 or stream it to their portable devices using the AFN Europe application.