SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- As Soldiers assault in teams to clear their objectives; artillery rounds ripple through the air before exploding on their targets cause the ground to shake and rattle underneath their boots.These are the events happening on Schofield Barracks as the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, participates in Warrior Fury III from Sept. 13-30."This exercise validates our maneuver Company and Troop commanders ability to synchronize multiple maneuver, fire support and attack aviation assets in order to decisively fight and win in any environment," said Col. Anthony Lugo, the commanding officer of 2nd IBCT. "This training is vital in making us a combat ready and equipped Infantry Brigade Combat team for the Pacific Command area of responsibility."According to Lugo, Warrior Fury III is a brigade level exercise that will improve warfighting capabilities across the Warrior Brigade."This exercise allows the maneuver command to gain an accuracy assessment of all mission command systems through every level," added Capt. Lacie Long, a native of Enterprise, Alabama, serving as fire direction officer assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 25th Infantry Divarty, 25th ID. "We are also using this training to keep momentum of our recent certification training of our sections and allows us to be trained and ready to deploy in support of operations in the Pacific's area of responsibility while building unity, camaraderie, and confidence between the Battalions within the whole Brigade."According to 1st Lt. Anthony Presnell, of Lincoln, Nebraska, this training provides a good first time experience for a lot of the brigade's Soldiers."This is the first time companies will be operating together on a live-fire range from heavy weapons and engineers to mortars teams and assault teams. This is the first time for infantry Soldiers to unitize different munitions such as AT4s and Bangalores," said Presnell, an infantry officer assigned to the 1st Battalion 27th Infantry Regiment, 2nd IBCT. "This allows us to build and gain confidence in one another as we have our Soldiers firing live rounds to the left and right as assault and clear objectives."By conducting realistic training Soldiers receive the realism of combat, said Presnell."This is the closest a lot of Soldiers will actually get to combat," he said. "Because we are firing real bullets and it provides Soldiers a little bit of realism in our training."Throughout the training senior leaders provided junior noncommissioned officers and platoon leader with advice and feedback."It's good to see all of our leadership out here supporting us through this training," said Presnell. "They are not only walking with us but they are also providing feedback on how we can do things differently or ways we can improve as a maneuver element.As Warrior Fury III concludes, a foundation will be formed for the Warrior Brigade to build upon during Lightning Forge 17 and prepare them for their upcoming rotation to Fort Polk, Louisiana, at the Joint Readiness Training Center.