What DISA Migration Means to LMP

By Ms. Christine McMahon (LMP)December 7, 2015

DISA article 7 Dec 15
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In July 2013, the DoD directed components to migrate enterprise application and services from local data centers to designated Core Data Centers at DISA by the end of Fiscal Year 2018. This directive is intended to ensure DoD data is hosted in modern, standardized, and centralized environments consistent with DoD guidance and ultimately improve security, enhance performance, and enable cost control.

Under the leadership of Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) and AESIP, the LMP and other Army ERPs are designing and implementing their migration strategies and plans. The LMP is working to migrate its Secondary Data Center, which includes multiple environments including the Continuity of Operations, to DISA in October 2016, and its Primary Data Center in November 2016.

From a DoD perspective, this initiative is essential to finding efficiencies and reducing costs for hosting and managing applications. From an Army perspective, this is a milestone effort to establish an Enterprise Systems Enclave at DISA, where the Army ERP systems will operate and execute their cross-functional missions worldwide.