U.S. Army Publishes Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy

By Dennis K. Bohannon, ASA (IE&E)June 1, 2015

Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy
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WASHINGTON DC -- The U.S. Army has published and released its strategic roadmap to future energy security and sustainability.

The Energy Security and Sustainability (ES2) Strategy will foster a more adaptable and resilient force, prepared for a future defined by complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.

"This strategy represents a turning point," Under Secretary of the Army, Brad R. Carson, and Army Vice Chief of Staff, Gen. Daniel B. Allyn, said in a letter to Army leaders. They explain, "The Army is evolving from a historic framework that viewed resource considerations as constraints on operational effectiveness - to a perspective that considers the critical role of energy, water, and land resources as mission enablers. Such an integrated perspective requires balanced decisions to achieve the greatest military benefit while keeping faith with civilian communities."

"We must be able to accomplish our missions in a world defined by uncertain, adverse, and dynamic conditions. Maintaining our tactical and strategic edge heavily depends upon the wise use of our resources -- energy, water, and land -- to preserve future choices through superior knowledge, technologies, and execution," they said.

With this perspective in mind, the ES2 Strategy positions the Army to enhance its current and future capabilities, readiness, and performance by building upon its ability to employ resources effectively to support all aspects of operations through effective system design and integration of resource considerations into behaviors and decision processes.

The strategy outlines five goals, which will be achieved through steady progress across the Army enterprise -- materiel, readiness, human capital, services and infrastructure -- with targeted measures and metrics as guides. These goals are Inform Decisions, Optimize Use, Assure Access, Build Resiliency and Drive Innovation.

The ES2 Strategy expands on and replaces the 2009 Army Energy Security Implementation Strategy by including operational energy and sustainability while strengthening the focus on resource management for the Army.

The document complements the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army Installations, Energy and Environment Strategy 2025 and the Army Strategy for the Environment by emphasizing energy and including recognition of water and land as equally essential resources.

The ES2 Strategy is being electronically distributed throughout the Army.

The next step will be to implement the strategy across all Commands, operations, and installations. In their letter, Under Secretary Carson and Gen. Allyn point out, "Measuring performance is vital to evaluating Army achievement. Headquarters, Department of the Army organizations and Army Commands will develop metrics to monitor progress in their areas of responsibility.

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