SMARDAN TRAINING AREA, Romania -- For the Dragoons assigned to 2nd (Cougar) Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, being able to train with military service members from other countries is an opportunity to experience not only the differences in each other's training but to create a unique challenge for their Soldiers as well.

Troopers assigned to Cougar Squadron, Romanian soldiers with Romanian Land Forces (ROULF) and British soldiers stationed with the Coldstream Guards, all participated in the opening ceremony for Exercise Wind Spring at Smardan Training Area, Romania, April 16, 2015.

"Today's ceremony initiates 'Wind Spring,' a series of multilateral training exercises hosted by Romanian Land Forces, including units from 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment and the United Kingdom's Coldstream Guards," said Lt. Col. Theodore A. Johnson, 2nd Squadron Commander.

The exercise will be the ROULF's biggest exercise in the past six years and is aimed to maintain and increase interoperability between NATO Allies.

"Wind Spring will be the largest training event in Romania in years," said Johnson. "It involves combined arms maneuvers with enablers provided by all three participating countries."

This multinational event is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve and coincides with Saber Junction, an annual training exercise currently being conducted in Hohenfels, Germany. Opportunities such as these allow for training to take place throughout different European countries while helping to further demonstrate the reassurance measures adopted by the NATO Council.

"The professionalism, capabilities and hospitality of the Romanian military provides for an excellent training experience for all organizations involved in the exercise," said Johnson.

Exercise Wind Spring is projected to last until the end of April, with 2nd Squadron preparing themselves for future operations throughout Romania and Bulgaria.