August marks the Army's fifth annual observance of Antiterrorism (AT) Awareness Month. I encourage every member of the USARPAC team to remain aware of the ever-present threat posed by terrorists and to stand vigilant to prevent acts of terrorism. We must continue to confront head-on the persistent threat of terrorist attacks against our Nation and our Army.

Every member of the USARPAC team plays an equally important role in this mission. I want the AT focus of our Pacific Warriors, Families, and communities to remain equally balanced throughout the year. Effective antiterrorism measures require a combination of great leadership, an active AT force, and personal involvement.

Leaders at all levels should support the three important focus areas of this year's observance:

- Recognize and report suspicious activity through the IWATCH program.

- Exercise protection plans beyond doctrine and practice unified and active efforts against evolving threats.

- Actively incorporate protection principles into all of our engagements, exercises, and training

A vigilant effort towards detection and prevention is our greatest weapon in the fight against terrorism. The strength of our defense is our ability to work together to protect our Soldiers, Civilians, and Families. I charge every member of the USARPAC team to remain vigilant and encourage situational awareness -- If you see something, say something. Thank you for helping to keep our Nation and our Army safe and strong.

One Team!

Vincent K. Brooks
General, U.S. Army