The Joint Multinational Training Command's (JMTC) Training Support Activity Europe (TSAE) received the highest award in the Army for Tier 1 installations last month for their management of U.S. Army Europe's (USAREUR) Sustainable Range Program (SRP).

"With this award, HQDA recognizes that USAREUR SRP has set the standard for insuring our ranges and training lands are fully capable and improved where necessary" said Steve Kennedy, TSAE Range and Training Lands Program Manager.

The award highlights the strong partnerships USAREUR, JMTC and TSAE have with U.S. Army Garrison staffs and Host Nation agencies and stakeholders like the Bundes Forestry, as well as the tactical units that train on JMTC's ranges and training lands.

TSAE identifies, acquires, manages and sustains training resources required to support all training provided throughout USAREUR's area of responsibility by the Joint Multinational Training Command. The organization also manages visual information, video documentation of training, and official DA Photos, in addition to the Sustainable Range program.

TSAE also received First Place in Environmental Awareness Innovation, First Place in Multimedia Design, and First Place Soldier Field Card, this year, in other competitive events.

The SRP award specifically cites the outstanding work done at the Hohenfels Training Area (HTA). In addition to supporting a dynamic training area, Deb Lipyanic, HTA Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) Coordinator who accepted the award on behalf of the TSAE SRP team, executes one of the largest training land management and rehabilitation programs in the U.S. Army.

The SRP consists of two core programs, the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) and the ITAM program. RTLP focuses on range modernization and range operations while ITAM concentrates on training land management and land rehabilitation. The program's primary responsibility is to ensure JMTC's ranges and training lands are capable, available, and accessible to USAREUR units and support all their doctrinal training requirements. The program also ensures the ranges and training lands provide a suitable setting for maintaining U.S. and allied units' combat readiness in preparation for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

TSAE is geographically dispersed with its headquarters located in Grafenwoehr and its subordinate Regional Training Support Centers and Training Support Centers dispersed throughout Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Kosovo, Romania and Bulgaria.