Happy Holidays! We are reminded that the winter holiday season is here with the changes in the leaves and a chill in the air. I encourage you to take time to be with your Family, recharge your batteries, and celebrate the holidays responsibly.If you are attending holiday parties, avoid drinking and driving or getting into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking.During the winter season, snow and ice can make driving hazardous. Take your time while driving, maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, and arrive safely. Be prepared for a possible break-down by keeping a winter safety kit in your car. Plan rest stops every two hours and don't drive to far in any day.Be mindful of holiday stress because it can hit you when you least expect it. Relax and have fun. If stress builds, seek support and help from a Battle Buddy, Family member, friend, counselor, doctor, or clergyperson.Improve your resiliency by practicing healthy activities. Spend time with loved ones and plan fun activities with your partner, children, or friends. Find the time to take care of yourself. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Get plenty of sleep. You can help a neighbor, volunteer in the community, and even simple steps like taking the dog on a long walk can be positive ways to channel your feelings and reduce stress.The entire Command Team and all IMCOM Leaders are proud of what you have accomplished and we eagerly look forward to the New Year. Our IMCOM Team Rocks!It's time now to enjoy those accomplishments and spend quality time with our Families. Please be safe and take care of yourself. You are part of an amazing team and every person on the IMCOM team is valued. Thank you for all you do and my best wishes and seasons greeting to the entire IMCOM Family.Support and Defend - Army Strong!LTG Mike Ferriter CSM Jeff Hartless