The Army is fielding a new system that integrates Apache helicopter gunnery training results into an After Action Review to provide leaders with a more complete picture of a training event.

In September, the Aviation Homestation Interim Package passed its government acceptance test at Fort Hood, Texas. Plans call for adding the system to Fort Knox, Ky.; Fort Drum, N.Y.; Fort Stewart, Ga., and Grafenwoehr, Germany, by March 2014.

The TRADOC Capability Manager for Live Training is responsible for the AHIP program. Stationed at Fort Eustis, Va., TCM Live is a subordinate organization of the Combined Arms Center -- Training at Fort Leavenworth.

Currently, commanders can only review an aircraft tape of gunnery training.

"AHIP integrates output from the Aerial Weapon Scoring System, Longbow Tactical Engagement Simulation System as well as pilot- and gunner-recorded video into a single display," said Ron Moring, chief of the Range Development Branch at TCM Live. "This allows commanders to more easily record, review and replay crew qualification results, greatly improving the AAR."

AHIP consists of three-dimensional steel targets, an Air Ground-Integration (A-GI) village and the modular AAR. An A-GI is a standardized group of three-dimensional urban facades to support aviation crew qualification and integration training for air and ground elements during advanced tables.

AHIP works with existing range components and is interim step until the Army fields Digital Air-Ground Integration Ranges.

The AHIP AAR is not as robust as the Digital Air-Ground Integration Range AAR will be, but provides significant improvements over current the AAR capability.

TCM Live is the Army's lead agent and TRADOC Capability Manager for capability development and user activities at for live training systems that support unit training and leader development.

The Combined Arms Center, also headquartered at Fort Leavenworth is the parent to CAC-T, who manages Army training support and training development, and provides training and leader development programs and products to support Army readiness. Its web site is: Follow CAC-T on Facebook at Follow CAC-T on Twitter at: @usacactraining.