FORT SILL, Okla. -- Soldiers of C Battery, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery, have been hard at work defending critical assets from aerial attack in Turkey.

Along with their primary duties, the Soldiers welcomed a new commander and participated in their battalion change of command.

That work is paying off and a battle rhythm has started to take shape. The location the battery operates from has transformed from an empty mountainside to a fully functional tactical site.

Aside from duty-related improvements, they also created an area that provides some rest and relaxation: a make-shift movie theater.

To reward Soldiers for their efforts and give them a break from the day-to-day routine, the battery leadership hosted their first monthly morale barbecue and movie night.

The night started with a battery formation to promote Sgt. Tova Chapin into the noncommissioned officer ranks and to award Soldiers with Good Conduct medals and Achievement awards. Once the formation was over everyone headed to the barbecue to relax.

Sgts. Spencer Fletcher and Austin Percival already had an assortment of food that included hot dogs, hamburgers and bratwurst cooking on the homemade grill. Music played in the background as Soldiers danced to popular songs like the "Cupid Shuffle."

Lt. Col. John Dawber, 3-2nd ADA commander, visited the battery's R&R evening and talked with Soldiers one on one. Meanwhile, many of those Soldiers waited in anticipation for the daylight to fade enough to show the movie.

The short escape to Hollywood eased some of the mission-related stress Soldiers and leaders alike felt and strengthened camaraderie within the unit. Having received this recharge, movie-goers left refreshed and resolved to push on with the mission and continue to do the outstanding work they have been known for throughout the deployment.