PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - As another school year has come and gone, many eager parents are already thinking of the next school year.

If you have children in your household, please take a few minutes to plan accordingly so you may have a more relaxing summer and your child a smoother transition from this school year to the next.

School year 2013-2014 will begin for all Monterey Peninsula Unified School District and Pacific Grove Unified School District schools Aug. 7. Carmel Unified commences their school year a week later on Aug. 14. Start now planning your summer vacations to take into consideration your child's school calendar.

Summer school classes are available, however vary from school to school and are usually extremely limited in spaces. If your student needs credit recovery or needs a block of summer school instruction, contact your school to find out the options available.

Additionally, there are many accessible summer camps in the area for school-age children to teens. For example, Porter Youth Center on Ord Military Community offers a themed weekly program as well as field trips to locations in the community throughout the summer break.

"Summer loss" is always a concerns for educators; make sure you are proactive and provide your children the opportunity to be engaged physically and mentally during this time.

Enrollment for Kindergarten started in the spring. For all the other grades, and if you are new to the area, it is never too early to get your child enrolled. During the break time, the offices will be closed but typically open periodically for registrations throughout the summer. Call or check online before heading out to ensure there is a registrar available to help you out.

If you are unable to get your child enrolled during the break, schools office generally open one to two weeks before school starts, and enrollment can be done during this period.

•Proof of address (lease agreement, utility bill, offer for placement)
•Birth certificate
•Current immunization records
•Name and address of previous school (copy of transcripts is helpful)
•Physical exam required for 1st grade entrance, strongly advised for Kindergarten
Finally, ensure you attend an applicable back-to-school orientation, especially if your child is going to a new school. This is your opportunity to meet the administrators, teachers, parent groups (PTA) and ask all the questions you might have. These orientations are normally held before schools starts; check your child's school web page as it will keep you informed during the summer and throughout the school year.
All parents are encouraged to have a summer plan ready when that last bell rings on the last day of school to create a good start for a less stressful and fun summer.