Story and photo by Staff Sgt. David House, 85th Civil Affairs Brigade Public Affairs

All in the family, especially for the Rodgers family as not only are Sgt. Kassandra Rodgers and Sgt. Jason Rodgers married to each other,both reenlisted together for an additional three years at the 85th Civil Affairs Brigade headquarters building April 18.
The couple has known each other since they were high school sweethearts and both joined the Army in 2005.
"We came in because we didn't have anything planned after high school and saw it as a way to pay for college," said Sgt. Kassandra Rodgers, 85th Civil Affairs Brigade Strength Management noncommissioned officer in charge. "With both of us being in the Army it has been difficult at times, but we get through it."
Utilizing the Married Army Couples Program, the Rodgers have been able to be together when assigned to Korea as well as during two of their three deployments to Iraq. Although they did not get a monetary bonus, the Rodgers did opt for the current station stabilization option which will hopefully allow them a family reunion that money cannot buy.
"My husband's identical twin brother, Chris, is also stationed here at Fort Hood with the 1st Cavalry Division and his sister Sarah is stationed with the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson. She is also on orders to come back to Fort Hood next year," said Rodgers. "If no more deployments come up there is a chance that we will finally have the whole family back together at Fort Hood."