NSSC holds 2012 Winter Safety Day
Marc Nerino of Tiger Training holds a magnetic auto emergency light during his Nov. 2 presentation, part of Natick Soldier Systems Center's 2012 Winter Safety Day.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Natick Soldier Systems Center held its 2012 Winter Safety Day on Nov. 2.

"I don't think we really needed any greater reminder about how important winter safety is," Lt. Col. Frank Sobchak, USAG-Natick garrison commander, told those gathered in Hunter Auditorium. "While we were very fortunate not to have suffered a direct hit or even really a near miss of Hurricane Sandy, it really serves to us as a reminder (of) the possibility of a winter storm or any other major winter disaster happening in our area."

Scott McPherson, NSSC installation safety manager, began the day with a presentation on distracted driving. McPherson took a pledge not to use his cell phone while driving, and he urged the audience to do the same.

"According to OSHA, distracted driving has reached epidemic levels here in the United States," McPherson said. "If not for yourself, think about your family members and your friends and the holes that you would leave in their lives as a result of your totally preventable death. Or even worse yet, think about how you would feel if your distracted driving caused the serious injury or death of an innocent person."

Marc Nerino of Tiger Training followed McPherson and spoke about a variety of winter safety hazards, from snowblower mishaps to driving in snowy, icy conditions.

"One of the questions you have to ask yourself if you have to go out (is), 'Do I really have to go out? Is it really necessary?'" Nerino said of driving in bad weather. "How far are you going? Are you prepared for an emergency inside the vehicle?"

After the presentations, attendees visited information booths manned by Natick safety personnel, local agencies and outside vendors that covered topics from cold stress injuries and prevention to safe holiday decorating.

"You never know," McPherson said. "The knowledge gained could result in the prevention of an injury or illness to yourself or to a family member."

The day also featured a brat burn by Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers and a cocoa and cookie social by the Civilian Welfare Fund.

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