FORT STEWART, Ga. - Team -- please join me in saying thanks to all Mothers, especially to the mothers in and around the Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield community.

Mothers, we thank you for the careful nurturing, strong loving and incredible sacrifice you have given and made for us all. As a Mother you have contributed immensely to the defense of our nation and the longevity of our never-ending freedom in America through your children, spouses, Families and friends.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to specifically recognize and honor a third "career." Those who serve as Soldiers and Mothers as well as the Mothers whose love and support make it possible for their spouses and children to serve as Warriors. We honor all mothers whose never-ending examples of strength, devotion and patience carry through generations as the source of inspiration and greatness.

With all that the mothers are doing for us all, I am sure that each of us is planning to do something for our own Mothers. I suggest you consider taking Mom to the May 13 Mother's Day Brunch at Club Stewart in Thunder Run. This special occasion will consist of a menu that includes breakfast items along with a carving station with top round of beef, salad station, pork loin with peach glaze, roasted teriyaki chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, spring rice blend, green beans almondine, corn soufflé, chocolate fondue station, dessert station and Mimosas. Call the club at 912-369-2212 for more information.

Above all, let's show Mom some love! If you have to leave the area to tell Mom you love her, please plan to get there safely and return here safely. Do your risk assessment before your trip. I encourage you to visit at the Travel Risk Trips Planning System and do an assessment of your trip. This system will accommodate you with previous accidents along your route and will give you a good idea how dangerous your trip will be.

Soldiers, check out the Marne Pride Pledge you signed as a member of the Marne Division and support staff, and take heed.

At a minimum, make sure your vehicle is in good working order from motor to tires, get at least 12-hours rest before starting your trip, and don't drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Happy Mother's Day!

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