FORT HOOD, Texas-Leaders, Soldiers and friends gathered, here, at the 25th Street Chapel, May 13, to remember and honor one of their own.

Pfc. Barry Smith, with Battery A, 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery Regiment, died from injuries sustained during a car accident, May 7.

"This is a tragic lost to the unit," said Capt. Richard Turvey, A Btry. commander. "Things are ripped apart from normal of how you know things to be. We just have to immediately start putting things back together and rebuilding."

Smith, a Portland, Maine native, joined the Army Nov. 3, 2009 and attended Basic Training at Fort Sill, Okla. But before joining the Army, he completed his two-year degree in Criminal Justice from the Hesser College, Manchester, N.H.

"The 2-20th was Pfc. Smith's first duty station and I think Smith was the one of the best Soldiers straight out of AIT," said Staff Sgt. Walter Cook, from Winne, Ark., A Btry., 2-20th FA.

Smith arrived at the unit April 9 and rightfully became a 'Renegade'", said Spc. Richard Whitney, a Coldwater, Miss., native. "He served as an ammunition specialist and driver for the ammo platoon."

"Smith wasn't like your usual private," said Cook. "He hit the ground running; it's unfortunate that he was only with us for a short amount of time."

In only 28 days, Smith had made an impact on the unit.

"Smith was infectious as we say; he was always laughing and smiling," said Whitney. "He could be getting 'hemmed-up,' it didn't matter. He was one of those guys you would really want to get to know. In the short time that he was with us; when we would talk about our previous deployment, we talked as if 'Smitty' was with us."
On the first day meeting with the commander, Smith expressed his military goals and aspirations of becoming an officer one day, said Turvey.

"From the beginning, Smith started pulling away from the other Soldiers. He was motivated and couldn't wait to get on a launcher team," said Turvey.

Smith carried a folded piece of paper in his pocket that was numbered one to 15. He was only able to list 12 items before he died.

"Smith had accomplished two of his goals on his list; graduate basic and AIT," said Turvey. "His next goal was to buy a black on black Subaru WRX, it's sad to think that we won't be able to get a chance to see it. He also had plans to eventually get married, serve in the Air National Guard with his father, and even throw the party of the year. This tells you about his character."

Smith's tenure was brief but his lesson is a long-lasting one.

"Although the life of a fallen comrade is important, we must plan to train and prepare like Smith would so proudly do," said Turvey. "As long as we keep Smith in our hearts he will make the journey along with us on our next deployment."

Soldiers within the unit have created a Facebook page in honor of Smith to keep his memory with them. The site has gained more than 600 fans since the start.

Smith is survived by his father, Dan Smith, mother, Linda Larrivee, step parents, Shelly Casey-Smith and John Larrivee.

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