3rd ID Soldiers thanks both of his mothers
Specialist James Wallace, 3rd Signal Company, DSTB, 3rd ID, poses for a photo with his stepmother, Sherri Wallace (left), and his biological mother, Kristi Bonefas (right), during Family Day at Fort Jackson, S.C., Oct. 16, 2008.

CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq (May 6, 2010) - Many days on the calendar are special, but one day is set aside so sons and daughters can reflect on the time and dedication their mothers took to raise them.

Mother's Day, May 9, allows everyone to show gratitude for all the ways their mothers helped them become the people they are today. Some Soldiers deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Iraq, had a chance to reflect on their childhood memories and share why their mothers are their truest heroes.

Spc.Johnny Guillory, a computer detection system repairer, 3rd Signal Company, DSTB, 3rd ID, feels gratitude toward his mother for raising him.

"I smile when I think of my mom," said Spc. Guillory about his mother, Joella Guillory of Greenville, Miss. "No matter how much I messed up, she was always there to help me get back on top."

He describes his mother as a "supreme motivator."

"It didn't matter what situation I was in when I was growing up," said Guillory. "I knew I could always call her for help. I don't have the words to thank my mother for all she has done."

Guillory says his mother, a former Soldier stationed in Germany in the 1980s, is his reason for joining the Army.

"My mom had been pushing me to join the Army - to get a jump-start in life," he said. "I didn't take it seriously until I realized my life wasn't really going anywhere."

While most people have one mother to raise them, Spc. James Wallace, 3rd Signal Co., DSTB, 3rd ID, has two mothers - his biological mother, Kristi Bonefas of Waller, Texas, and his stepmother, Sherri Wallace of Bradenton, Fla., to look after him.

"They have both inspired me to be the best I can be," he said about both his mothers. "They are very supportive and push me to be a role model for my sisters."

During the Christmas season, Spc. Sherri Wallace had her coworkers write 'thank you' and Christmas cards to Soldiers stationed at COB Speicher.

"I went around and handed them out everywhere," said Spc. Wallace with a smile on his face. "It meant a lot to me."

Guillory and Wallace said they wouldn't be who they are today without the love, support and care their mothers provided.

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