JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - The 699th Maintenance Company, 100th Brigade Support Battalion, assumed responsibility to provide command and control and escort element of the Iraqi Transportation Network on Joint Base Balad, Iraq on Jan. 6, 2009.

The ITN is an all-Iraqi consortium of tribally owned trucking companies that move cargo across Iraq. ITN completed more than 3,700 missions since May 2, 2008 without incident or loss of cargo. The ITN routinely moves mission critical sustainment cargo across Iraq in support of Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces.

The 699th Maint. Co. provides internal convoy escort, security and direct management of ITN convoy movement within JBB. The 699th Maint. Co. recently rotated in to Iraq and has already assumed the important duty of escorting the ITN convoys on Joint Base Balad.

Spc. Matthew Fellows, 699th Maint. Co. is a member of the escort element. "My job here is to escort the ITN to the central receiving and shipping point yard and escort back to the entry control point. The ITN is a good thing to transfer over authority back to the Iraqi government," said Fellows.

Spc. Jason Tabor, 699th Maint. Co. escort element, states "we are making great progress to help turn over authority to the Iraqi government."

Pvt. James Philmon, 699th Maint. Co. escort element, said "our mission is a good thing to the Iraqi's. This helps them take back Iraq."

Maj. Paul Taylor, a British Army officer on exchange and the Support Operations Officer for the 100th BSB; provides operational oversight and command and control of the ITN mission on Joint Base Balad. The SPO is the principle logistics planner within the BSB. The support operations section in conjunction with various organizations on JBB, plans, coordinates, and monitors the movements of all ITN trucks from cargo entry, delivery, and exit from JBB.

"The ITN initiative is a great step forward towards ISF logistical sustainment. With local tribe's people proving that they can provide a reliable, effective and timely transportation network, we are a step closer to ISF sustainment without Coalition forces. It is a great mission," said Taylor.

Capt. Josh Panek, the 100th BSB Support Operations plans officer explains "the Iraqi Transportation Network provides an invaluable service to Iraqis as well as Coalition forces. Although ITN is one of many transitional initiatives throughout Iraq, it is critical for establishing a durable Iraqi logistical framework."

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