U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command


NETCOM leads global operations for the Army's portion of the DODIN, ensuring freedom of action in cyberspace while denying the same to our adversaries in support of multi-domain operations.


NETCOM 2030 is the premier communications organization and information services provider to all DODIN-Army Customers Worldwide, ensuring all commanders have decision advantage in support of mission command within the multi-domain environment.


  • Maj. Gen. Christopher L. Eubank Commanding General Maj. Gen. Christopher L. Eubank


Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, NETCOM! Our goal is to offer knowledgeable, engaging speakers who can discuss a wide variety of topics with the community, when possible. Please send a request with the 5 W's to the email addresses listed below. Please send the request at least 60 days before the event dates, as this will allow for us to forward you a *NETCOM SPEAKER REQUEST FORM to complete and return. Once the form is received we will process through scheduling and legal to see if we can support. *NOTE: The information requested in the NETCOM SPEAKER REQUEST FORM is required to evaluate the event appropriateness and compliance with Department of Defense policies and for coordination with the units involved. Please note that the Army's potential participation cannot be used in advertisements. SEND EMAIL TO:


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