Fort Huachuca

U.S. Army Fort Huachuca

Religious Services at Fort Huachuca


Fort Huachuca develops and tests command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities; delivers intelligence and unmanned aircraft systems training and education; designs, develops and integrates intelligence capabilities, concepts and doctrine; and provides world class quality support services to the Huachuca community to enable mission command in support of Army and joint operations and the continued evolution of Fort Huachuca.


  • Brig. Gen. Anthony R. Hale Commanding General Brig. Gen. Anthony R. Hale
  • Command Sgt. Maj. Warren K.  Robinson USAICoE Command Sgt. Maj. Command Sgt. Maj. Warren K. Robinson
  • Col. Jerrod P. Moreland Garrison Commander Col. Jerrod P. Moreland
  • Command Sgt. Maj. James J. Prasse USAG Command Sgt. Maj. Command Sgt. Maj. James J. Prasse


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