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What is the U.S. Army's CORE system?

CORE is a web-based content management system that specializes in indexing, packaging and publishing content created and submitted by Army public affairs personnel.

Content sharing made easy

CORE allows users to submit content, assemble it the way they want, and publish it to publicly accessible Web pages. By widening the user base and distributing control, The CORE is breaking new ground in collaboration within the Army.

Am I eligible for a CORE account?

Any 46Q/46R/46Z or 46A Soldier, 1035- or 1082-series DA civilian or contractor serving in a Public Affairs capacity, is eligible to set up a CORE account. However, in order to release content to the rest of the community, you must be a Public Affairs professional who has graduated from the Defense Information School (DINFOS), and have release authority for your command or organization.

CORE account regulations

All CORE publishers will ensure the people within their commands who publish/release content on are current on their annual Operational Security training, per AR 530-1. This will be PAO/OPSEC training specific to people whose duties include operating or maintaining sites. Go to for more information about the training.

Get the look

Maintaining a consistent look and feel between different sites within an organization is vital for effective communication on the Internet. CORE-published Web pages carry a look and feel that reflects that seen across To consistently brand other Army Web pages that you may build independent of the CORE, download templates, banners, and our branding toolkit here:

Still have questions?

To learn more about the U.S. Army CORE system, or if you have any remaining questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to the CORE community manager. They can be reached via email by clicking here, or sending to:

Community Features

communityCommunicate and coordinate with other members of the Army public affairs community. Share content, send messages with CORE Talk, and keep up to date with the CORE Blog.

Refined Interface

interfaceWorldwide web publication is at your fingertips using the CORE's sleek, easy-to-use interface. Simple content creation meets drag and drop page management in the CORE.

Streamlined Publishing

publishingSubmit, edit, and approve content, all with the CORE. Drag and drop content from throughout the CORE onto your page, then publish with the click of a mouse.

Content Syndication

contentIn addition to allowing CORE users to share their content, the CORE also supports RSS feeds and other methods for getting approved information onto websites that aren't connected to the CORE.