Chaplain Corps

U.S. Army Chaplain Corps (DACH)


The mission of the U.S. Army Chaplains Corps is to provide religious support to America's Army. Chaplains advise commanders to ensure the 'free exercise' rights for all Soldiers are upheld - including those who hold no faith. Chaplains perform religious support activities according to their faith and conscience and provide religious support of other faith groups by coordinating with another chaplain or qualified individual to perform the support needed. At the unit level, a chaplain and chaplain assistant form a Unit Ministry Team, or UMT, and are embedded throughout all three components of the Army -- Active, Guard and Reserve.


  • Maj. Gen. Paul K. Hurley Chief of Chaplains Maj. Gen. Paul K. Hurley
  • Brig. Gen. Thomas Solhjem Deputy Chief of Chaplains Brig. Gen. Thomas Solhjem
  • Alvin J. Chaplin Regimental Sergeant Major Alvin J. Chaplin
  • Brig. Gen. Carlton Fisher Assistant Chief of Chaplains - USAR Brig. Gen. Carlton Fisher
  • Brig. Gen. David E. Graetz Assistant Chief of Chaplains - ARNG Brig. Gen. David E. Graetz