PINON CANYON MANEUVER SITE, Colo. -- Community, partnership and working together set the stage for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, community day at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, Colo., March 8.
Residents from Trinidad and Las Animas County, Colo., came to PCMS to interact with Soldiers and learn about tactical equipment, weapons and their experiences in the Army.
"It's giving back to the community," said Sgt. Eric Niedzwiecki, cavalry scout, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry regiment, 2nd BCT. "It's not something they get to see everyday. For some of them to be able to show up and see our equipment and what we are doing, it's important."
Residents showed their support of the Soldiers training at PCMS.
"Im tired of the negativity from town and everyone not wanting to have this base here," said Greg Jacobson, a landowner in Las Animas County. "What you guys are doing is an extension of what this country is. We are out here to support you guys and see what you are doing."
Jacobson brought his grandson, who liked interacting with the Soldiers, to the event.
"I think it's pretty cool to see the troops, the weapons, the tanks and all the stuff they use," said Korey Monohan.
Monohan also thought it was important for the community to visit the Soldiers.
It helps the Soldiers build pride when the community comes out here, said Monohan. They do this for our country and its important for them to receive support.
Soldiers welcomed the visitors and liked interacting with them.
"I think it's really nice to think they can come out here and support us and get hands on with the weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles and the equipment," said Sgt. Kyle Iverson, combat engineer, Company C, 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd BCT.
As the afternoon came to and end and Soldiers went back to training and visitors left to go to their homes, the handshakes and smiles between the two sides showed a bond had been formed.