Domestic violence victims in the tri-county area who are being helped by the non-profit organization 2nd Chance will have a better chance of escaping their perpetrators now that the depot has donated another batch of cellular phones to the outreach group.

More than 100 mobile phones were donated to 2nd Chance May 19 when representatives from Anniston Army Depot and tenant Anniston Chemical Activity met Susan Shipman, 2nd Chance executive director, at the United Way volunteer center on Wilmer Avenue in Anniston to hand over the recycled phones, batteries, chargers and headsets.

This is at least the third time the depot has donated cellular phones to 2nd Chance, said Shipman. "That is a ton of phones," she said, looking at a table full of Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Verizon products.

The phones were used by government workers at the depot before ANAD received upgraded devices and was able to recycle them, said Brandi Martin, an information technology specialist in the Directorate of Information Management.

"We put a phone in every woman's hand," said Shipman. When the user dials 9-1-1 for an emergency, the phone numbers that have been assigned to these donated phones will show up on the dispatch screen as the property of 2nd Chance. "This way the first responders will already know what they're going to service."

Shipman said an overwhelming majority of domestic violence victims are female. However, when the non-profit started in the 1980s, its first client was a male victim.

2nd Chance houses about 18 residents-only women and children-in their secretly located shelter, which is most often at full capacity. The agency will protect male victims at other undisclosed locations.

Shipman told the depot's director of information management, Alberta Freeman, and ANCA Commander Lt. Col. Phillip Trued that the agency appreciates the generosity displayed by the depot. "Our goal is to keep the victims as safe as possible," she said.

"I'm always happy when we can extend a hand into the community because we at Anniston Army Depot are also a part of that community," said Freeman.