ESCHENBACH, Germany -- "Isolation" may have been the winning word for fourth-grader Camille Johnson, champion of the Fourth Annual Netzaberg Elementary School Spelling Bee, Nov. 28, but she was certainly not alone.

The competition between the eager third-, fourth- and fifth-graders went on for seven intense rounds with words like flora, presume, canteen and horizon, and a cheering crowd supported the contestants throughout.

A first in the school's history was a run-off for the second place position. Third-grader Layne Thornsley, and two fifth-graders, Nico Soucy and Maxime Waiters, nervously attempted to spell purification, satire and proposition. In the end, Maxime persevered, correctly spelling "proposition" and earned the title of runner up.

Johnson's next stop is the European PTA Spelling Bee in Ramstein, Germany, where the winner will go on to Washington, D.C., to compete against some of our country's best spellers in attempt to be named the 2013 Spelling Bee champion.