YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - The Korean Service Corps Battalion brightened the holiday season for U.S. military personnel and their families in South Korea by putting up millions of lights.

The KSC Battalion has been decorating U.S. Army posts in South Korea for many years.

Han Kwang-man, the commander of 19th KSC Company, said his company has been decking the walls, trees and bushes on Yongsan Garrison and Hannam Village with lights since 2004.

The 19th KSC Company spent weeks putting up red, white, blue and green holiday lights along Eighth Army Drive and X Corps Boulevard on Yongsan Garrison.

They also decorated a large Christmas tree beside the Yongsan fire station.

"[The holiday lights] bring home to the Yongsan community and people," said Han.

The 1st KSC Company has decorated Camp Casey and Camp Hovey, home to the 2nd Infantry Division, with holiday lights for more than 35 years, including placing a large star light on a mountain inside the post.

"We are very proud to be able to have the chance to offer a joyful holiday to military members and families," said Kim Yong-su, commander of the 1st KSC Company.

Part of Eighth Army, the Korean Service Corps is largest multi-functional combat service and combat service support battalion in the U.S. Army. Established during the Korean War, the KSC played a critical role in the war, from evacuating wounded Soldiers to carrying ammunition to the frontlines.

Today, the KSC Battalion conducts a variety of missions for U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth Army, from moving heavy vehicles to mobilizing for contingencies.

KSC Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Robert Hynes said the KSC adds something new to the display every year. This year, Hynes said he was impressed with the new editions, particularly the new light covered tree and globe ornaments next to the fire station.

Hynes said he was proud of the hard work the men and women in his battalion do year round and especially at Christmas time when they deliver the holiday spirit to U.S. troops and their families on Yongsan Garrison, Hannam Village, Camp Casey and Camp Hovey.

"They take extreme pride in the quality of their work and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the Republic of Korea-United States Alliance," said Hynes.

The lights will be on until January 16, 2013.