Samantha Lambert, a hydraulic and coastal engineer
with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston
District, has always had a love for math.

In fact, the Texas A&M graduate began her career with
the Corps as a Department of the Army intern and says she
uses math every single day.

In her position, which she's held since June 2007,
Lambert is responsible for overseeing the hydraulic
modeling of navigation and coastal projects, including work
on the Brazos Island Harbor and Freeport feasibility studies
and other Continuing Authorities Program projects and
Dredged Material Management Plans.

"The USACE Galveston Hydraulics and Hydrology
Section is working to use the latest software and technology
to solve problems," said Lambert. "I really enjoy when I get
to do some of the modeling for various projects in-house,
which requires me to use my math skills to solve complex
navigation problems along the Texas coast."

Lambert recently completed work for a beach
renourishment study at South Padre Island, Texas, and
is currently working on a desktop sediment study for
Brazos Island Harbor with plans to do the surge analysis in

"On projects where I don't do the modeling in-house, I
get to coordinate with the USACE Engineering, Research
and Development Center," said Lambert. "Some of the
different studies include surge analysis, ship simulations,
sediment studies, hydrodynamic and salinity studies, studies
on sea level rise, and effects of vessel traffic on shoreline."

For the Brazos Island Harbor Feasibility Study, Lambert
said a precedent was set for the Corps when engineers had
to solve how they would simulate two oil rigs navigating
through a channel.

"It was a challenge to figure out how to simulate them
and it involved coordination with ERDC, the Galveston
District, the Port of Brownsville, and private industry," said
Lambert. "It's fascinating to observe pilots driving the ship
simulator to test out the design vessels in the various channel
alternatives for different channel deepening and widening

Lambert says she's always busy and has a wide variety of
different projects to work on, which keeps her work exciting.
She also says she finds the people in the Galveston District
very supportive.

"It's fulfilling to see how all the different sections and
branches work together to finish such large-scale studies," she

Lambert is currently working with her supervisor, Michael
Sterling, Ph.D., and project managers to increase district
hydraulic modeling experience using the latest coastal
modeling tools.

"This work will be great for the district because we will
have the expertise in-house and it will save us money and
time," said Lambert.

Lambert completed a Bachelor of Science in Ocean
Engineering from Texas A&M College Station. She is
certified as a floodplain manager.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling and
distance running, having completed 20 marathons and five
ultra marathons.