Maj. Gen. Robert S. Ferrell, commander, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, promotes Seena Tucker, commander, 41st Signal Battalion in Korea, to the rank of Colonel during her promotion ceremony at the Top of the Bay, March 27, on Aberdeen Proving Ground.Ferrell congratulated Tucker on her achievements and impact she's made on the nation's Army. Tucker thanked her husband, Harold Williams, and 12 year-old son, Devin, for their continuous love, support and faith in Tucker and her abilities throughout her 22-year career."Being promoted to the rank of colonel is a big deal in our Army," said Ferrell. He first met Tucker, while she served as his brigade executive officer with the 72nd Signal Battalion. "I knew this was a young lady [Tucker] who really had her act together," he said.Ferrell recapped her extraordinary career and described her developmental growth over the past two decades as being nothing less than magnificent. In knowing her, having sat on her promotion board and reviewed her promotion package, Ferrell is familiar with Tucker's achievements and is confidant in her ability to transform an Army at war, to an Army operating in peacetime.A Virginia State University ROTC graduate, Tucker served in positions ranging in scope, but always exhibited superior leadership abilities, even as a junior officer, according to Ferrell. Her first assignment, she served as platoon leader. More recently, she was hand-picked to launch the Army's Chief Information Office Software Application Development Challenge in which Soldiers and Army Civilians create new mobile and web applications to enhance warfighting effectiveness and business productivity."She is clearly a mark of excellence in everything she does. She is the right role model to follow and provides the right leadership to her Soldiers and their Families," said Ferrell, "I'm proud of you."Her ceremony was filled with family, friends and mentors she's met throughout the years."Folks in the audience who served as your mentors are smiling," said Ferrell. "You listen, and you excel." Ferrell highlighted her thirst for coaching, teaching and mentoring Soldiers where ever she is stationed. He said it's because of her dedication to developing Soldiers, that the mark of her legacy will live in the future."We know that the mark you will leave, and continue to strive for, will be one that will probably be unreached. Continue to drive toward excellence and we will be there as a supporting hand," said Ferrell.