ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. " Anniston Army Depot donated 50 cell phones to 2nd Chance June 30 at the United Way of East Central Alabama Volunteer Center.

These phones will enable victims of domestic violence being helped by 2nd Chance to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

“There are a lot of hands these phones will go into,” said Susan Shipman, executive director for 2nd Chance, as she thanked the depot’s representatives for their generosity.

Each phone will be registered to 2nd Chance and known to local dispatchers as a device used by domestic violence victims.

Making an emergency call from one of these devices lets responders know they may be walking into a dangerous situation.

“Domestic violence and traffic stops are the two most lethal situations our law enforcement officers go into,” said Shipman.

Shipman said the organization is always looking for cell phone donations and will accept phones no matter their age or condition. If the phone cannot be used by 2nd Chance, it is recycled, providing a source of funding for the group.

For the depot, donating the phones is a form of recycling. The phones are used handsets turned in by employees who retired or left the installation, according to Randy Heflin, director of information management for the depot.

“If we didn’t have a way to recycle these phones, we would have to dispose of them ourselves,” said Jack Cline, depot deputy to the commander. “I’m glad we have a local organization like 2nd Chance that can make use of our surplus equipment.”