CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE BASRAH, Iraq - On April 23, the Alpha Distribution Company "Dark Knights," 215th Brigade Support Battalion, took time from their busy schedule to conduct an organization day in order to boost morale and improve unit cohesion.

The Dark Knights were able to do this because there were no sustainment replenishment operations scheduled for that day.

The event kicked off at 1 p.m. with a speech by the ADC Commander, Capt. Vernie Param. "Dark Knights, since we hit ground and took over operations, we've been hitting our missions hard on a daily basis. Today, I want each of you to take some time to unwind and have fun. This is a day for you and a way for the command team to thank you for what you've done thus far in support of Operation New Dawn," said Capt. Param.

Various sporting events were held throughout the day, starting with a push-up contest held by 1st Sgt. Jesus Seary.

Each platoon selected five participants to perform the most push-ups within a one minute time limit. After all five Soldiers from each platoon competed, the total number of push-ups performed was calculated and the 3rd Platoon Violators won the event with a combined total of 384.

The second event was ultimate football. Four games were held between the platoons and 4th Maintenance Platoon took the event by winning both of their games. 4th Maint. Plt. also went on to win the tug-of-war and volleyball events. Staff Sgt. Timothy Sharp, the automotive section noncommissioned officer in charge and team captain for 4th Platoon, said, "I think the other platoons underestimated us. They didn't know that we were beasts at competitive sports and we were able to show everyone that we are highly skilled, athletic competitors."

The final event of the day was platoon skits. Each platoon had a chance to emulate personnel in the company and themselves. Winning their second event of the day, the 3rd Plt. Violators put up their finest efforts but it wasn't quite enough to take the overall lead away from 4th Plt. The maintenance platoon emerged victorious and was awarded a trophy for their efforts.

Overall, the ADC Organization Day was a phenomenal success. The Dark Knights had a great deal of fun and bonded together as a company during its first organization day for Operation New Dawn. Many ADC Soldiers are anticipating the rematches that will occur during the next organizational day.