KABUL - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded two contracts totaling more than $11 million for the construction of two border police company stations for the Afghan National Police, April 29.

The first contract, worth $6.7 million is for a border crossing police post. The post is located in the village of Aquina in Faryab Province. Faryab Province is located in the northwest portion of Afghanistan near the Turkmenistan border.

The second contract, worth $4.7 million is for the design and construction of a border police headquarters station located in the town of Wasa Khwa in Paktika Province. Paktika Province is located in the southern portion of northern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border

Both stations will feature administrative and barrack buildings, laundry and bathroom facilities, a dining facility, gate house, well house, guard shack, guard tower and refueling point.

Contractor Sayed Balil Sadath Construction Co. was awarded the contract for Aquina border police post and Kabul Group for Construction and Logistics was awarded the Wasa Khwa headquarters station. Both projects are expected to be complete in the spring of 2012.

The Corps of Engineers is the primary organization building army bases, police stations, roads, airstrips and other infrastructure projects in Afghanistan to increase the country's stability and economy. The Corps of Engineers has two districts in the country - Afghanistan Engineer District-North, which is based in Kabul; and Afghanistan Engineer District-South, which is based in Kandahar.