FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- "If there was ever a time where we needed hope and resurrection, it's today," stated Chaplain (Col.) Kenneth Revell, at the beginning of Sunday's Easter Sunrise Service sermon. Approximately 400 people turned out for the annual event, held on Fort Huachuca's Reservoir Hill.

As the sun began to rise over the mountains, parishioners of all faiths came together to celebrate Easter. Throughout the service, there was music provided by musical groups, including The Praise Team, Heavenly Voices and the 36th Army Band. The sermon was entitled, "The Resurrection, Our Victory."

Revell said there are 80 countries in which U.S. Soldiers have some type of involvement. "America just has its arms stretched across the globe ... and I think those are stressors that we ought to be ... mindful of in our prayers because that brings strain on their families. Not to mention the persistent deployments that are part of the everyday wear and tear of an armed force that's been in this at least since 9/11, going on a decade."

Now more than ever we need an Easter faith in our lives, Revell added. He asked the audience, "Have you ever wished that you could press the re-set button and start again' ... He [Jesus Christ] offers us today the miracle of the new birth. ... Easter is the hope of the world."

The Christian belief is that God took all of our sins - past, present and future - placed them on Jesus, and He died for us, explained Revell, adding that God never forces Himself on a person; He simply offers an eternal life.

The Fort Huachuca chaplain's office is available to assist those who are having personal struggles and may need some guidance whether they are spiritual or not.

"The chaplains are very sensitive and very careful not to push or to shove, but we at least try to put the offer of eternal life on the table for folks to come and say 'I would like to experience that.' If anyone comes to a chapel, chaplains and other ministries' enablers would be more than willing to assist, to help, to explain or to answer questions," said Revell.

For more information, contact the Fort Huachuca Main Post Chapel, (520) 533-4748.