HEIDELBERG, Germany (Sept. 20, 2007) - The U.S. Army, Europe will, in addition to FY 2008
transformation actions announced in April 2007, convert, inactivate and relocate
numerous units stationed in Germany to support Army transformation and the
Department of Defense's overall Global Defense Posture and to increase strategic
responsiveness in the face of threats posed by the Global War on Terrorism.

USAREUR continues to support GWOT while simultaneously transforming units
and consolidating into our enduring Main Operating Bases. As a result of these unit
actions there will be a reduction of approximately 795 Soldiers, 1,215 family members,
18 U.S. civilians and five local national civilians in Germany. Numbers reflect the total
personnel associated with the units and organizations in this announcement. The impact
on both military and civilian personnel will vary, based on the disposition of their units
and the status of individual Soldiers and employees.

Also, the number of Soldiers reflects authorized positions, while the number of
civilians is actual strengths.

Military Intelligence
Military Intelligence actions continue to set the conditions for conversion to an enduring
Military Intelligence Brigade (MIB).

Aca,!Ac Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d MI Battalion, relocates from
Darmstadt to Wiesbaden Army Airfield.
Aca,!Ac A Co, 2d MI BN, relocates from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden Army Airfield.
Aca,!Ac B Co, C Co, and D Co, 2d MI BN, relocate from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden Army
Aca,!Ac European Security Operations Center relocates from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden
Army Airfield.
Aca,!Ac Cryptological Support Group relocates from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden Army
Aca,!Ac Field Support Center relocates from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden Army Airfield.
Aca,!Ac Hanau Counter Intelligence detachment relocates from Hanau to Wiesbaden
Army Airfield.

Personnel Services
Aca,!Ac USAREUR will activate a Human Resource Sustainment Center in

Combat Units
Aca,!Ac The 1-94 Field Artillery Battalion, Idar-Oberstein, will return to the Continental
United States.

Combat Support Units
Aca,!Ac USAREUR will activate the 15th Engineer (EN) Bn at Grafenwoehr. The
battalion consists of:
o 15th EN Bn Headquarters and Headquarters Co.
o 534th Survey and Design Detachment.
o 902D Vertical Construction Co.
o 500th Horizontal Construction Co.

Combat Service Support Units
Aca,!Ac The following units inactivate:
o 29th Area Support Group, Kaiserslautern.
o The 123rd Main Support Bn (MSB), Dexheim.
Aca,!Ac The following unit returns to CONUS
o The 612th Movement Control Team, Kaiserslautern.

Army Reserve
Aca,!Ac The 7th Army Reserve Command relocates from Schwetzingen to Kaiserslautern.

Other Unit actions
Aca,!Ac The following Defense Logistics Agency European activities will relocate from
Wiesbaden to Kaiserslautern:
o Defense Logistics Agency Europe Regional Command, DLA Enterprise
Support, and DLA Information Operations Europe.
o Defense Energy Support Center Europe.
o Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service Forward Support Team
o DLA Criminal Investigations Activity.
o Defense Automation and Production Support Europe.
o Additionally, the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia-Europe relocates
from Mainz-Kastel to Kaiserslautern.