ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Ill. - This year has been a time of growing and utilizing our assets. One of those assets is the Disability Committee's Non-Paid Work Experience Program. Within the last six months, the program has been adopted by several organizations on the Rock Island Arsenal. The month of December was the time to recognize those individuals who have been a vital drive behind the program and those who have been a tremendous help to the Disability Program Committee.

The following people were hired this year under some of the Disability programs: Dave Roden, Corey Stradt and John Peniston. Roden was the only person hired under the Workforce Recruitment Program for 2010. Stradt and Peniston were hired from the NPWE Program.

On Dec. 7, the Disability Committee held a meet and greet potluck at Bldg. 90, in the Garrison Equal Employment Opportunity Office. During that time EEO recognized those people who have been in the program, those who have been hired, and those who are actively participating in the program. The EEO Office also recognized those supervisors who have been a part of this valuable process.

Those recognized for their extra time and effort into making certain programs better: Jennifer Marme-Lowery from the Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation, Terry McMasters from the Arsenal Fire Department and Don Rhoades, a counselor for Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation. Marme-Lowery has been a valuable asset to the committee by keeping accurate notes of the meetings and informing the committee manager of up-to-date changes within vocational rehabilitation. Marme-Lowery is also helping the EEO Office start up a new process for customized training. More information will be put out on this new program as it develops. McMasters has been a vital factor in getting the NPWE into areas like the Police Department and Security. Because of McMasters' involvement, we now have members from police and Fire Department on the committee. Rhoades' extreme dedication for helping disabled veterans can be seen by everyone that talks to him. Working in conjunction with the VA, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (Cassandra Powell), and the EEO Office, Rhoades has helped to improve the process for veterans with a disability to become employed by the Rock Island Arsenal.

Many thanks are extended to all those who contribute to the Rock Island Arsenal-Garrison EEO Special Emphasis Program's Disability Committee.