Lean Six Sigma Awards
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WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 25, 2009) - Eleven Army organizations were recognized for their exceptional efforts in using Lean Six Sigma principles and practices in a ceremony Nov. 24 at the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes.

Lt. Gen. Robert E. Durbin, special assistant to the Army chief of staff for Enterprise Management, presented the second annual Army LSS Recognition and Awards to team representatives, praising the recipients for "providing the innovation, business savvy and continuous drive to improve the way the Army operates."

The winners were selected by a team of eight Army and civilian LSS experts. Winners received plaques and certificates signed by the secretary of the Army and the chief of staff of the Army. They were presented by Durbin and Joyce E. Morrow, special administrative assistant to the secretary of the Army.

Durbin said the Army today has a full cadre of trained and certified LSS practitioners. He said since June 2006, the Army had trained more than 1,450 senior leaders in LSS methodologies.

"Collectively, the Lean Six Sigma community has completed nearly 5,000 projects," Durbin said. "There are over 1,800 in progress, and all tallied, the Army has saved almost $14 billion which simply could not have been achieved without the experience and know-how of this esteemed group."

2009 Lean Six Sigma Recognition and Awards

Headquarters Level Organizational Deployment Award

Assistant secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs), Army G-1

AR 10-87 Organizational Deployment Award

Army Installation Management Command

Subordinate Level Organization Deployment Award

Joint Munitions Command

Enterprise Level - Project Team Award

Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) G1 LSS Deployment Office.

Project: "CO-ADOS Packet Simplification and Digitization," led by Lt. Col. Cheryl Moman.

Enterprise Level - Project Team Award

Army Sustainment Command

Project: "CPSI Reset Cycle Time Reduction," led by Robert Farr.

Non-Enterprise Level - Project Team Award

Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs) G-1 LSS Deployment Office

Project: "CHR Recruitment Measurement Process," led by Michael Dasher.

Non-Enterprise Level - Project Team Award

Army Sustainment Command

Project: "Streamlining the DOL Supply Operations," led by Hose Marquez

Non-Enterprise Level - Project Team Award

HQ U.S. Army Communications, Electronic Life Cycle Management Command

Project: "G3/5-Improving Sparing Level Recommendation," led by Devon Morrese.

Non-Enterprise Level - Project Team Award

Office of the Asst Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM)

Project: "HQACSIM-Installation Geospatial Information System Data Standards," led by James Furlo.

Non-Gated - Project Team Award

Battery Assembly Team, Transponder Branch, Avionics Division, Tobyhanna Army Depot

Project: "Battery Assembly Project," led by Seth Tiel.

Non-Gated - Organizational Deployment Award

Rock Island Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, Mobile Maintenance Integrated Product Team

Project: "Just Do It: Forward Repair System Improvement," led by Greg Lupton.