BodyThe 1st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC) Soccer Team travelled to the Kuwaiti National Guard Base, Camp Tahreer on Saturday to play a friendly soccer match against the Kuwaiti National Guard Team.
Aca,!A"Today was a great opportunity for American Soldiers to spend time with their Kuwaiti counterparts by competing in a fun sporting event,Aca,!A? said 1st TSC Deputy Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Mark McCarley. Aca,!A"We are very thankful for everything the Kuwaitis do for us and feel itAca,!a,,cs important we spend time together to keep building on our already close friendship.Aca,!A?
Aca,!A"They are extremely good,Aca,!A? said Col. James Lee, Chief of Staff for the 1st TSC and a player on the team. Aca,!A"I like the way our guys battled, but they obviously practice more than we do and have a group of players who are on a whole different level than we are right now.Aca,!A?
The game started off slowly, with the teams getting a feel for each other, but then Kuwaiti striker Kahlid Homoud showed his talent by scoring three goals in a matter of 20 minutes and had his squad up 3-0 at halftime.
Aca,!A"Kahlid is a great player,Aca,!A? said Hamoud Harpi , coach of the Kuwaiti National Guard team. Aca,!A"He could play for any team in Kuwait.Aca,!A?
The second-half brought more of the same for players of the 1st TSC. The Kuwaiti team kept the pressure on with numerous shots on goal from deep in 1st TSCAca,!a,,cs zone. This resulted in the score quickly getting out of hand as the Kuwaiti National Guard Team grew their lead to 5-0, thanks to two goals by Hamdan Ali.
Aca,!A"I thought we did well considering we havenAca,!a,,ct played together that long, but in the end, their abilities were just too much for us,Aca,!A? said Sgt. Charles Evans, Team Captain for the 1st TSC soccer team. Aca,!A"The best part about today was the chance to have a friendly competition against our Kuwaiti allies who help us accomplish our missions in this region of the world.Aca,!A?
The final outcome was a decisive one as the Kuwaiti team won 7-0. Kuwaiti goaltender, Majed Al RashidiAca,!a,,cs shutout came in large part to a solid defensive effort by his club that kept 1st TSCAca,!a,,cs scoring chances to a minimum.
The game was filled with spectators from both sides, including distinguished guests Col. Fawaz Al Nashiet, Training Commander for the Kuwaiti National Guard, Col. Adel Al Furjai, Commander of the Kuwaiti National Guard Sports Union, and 1st TSC Deputy Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Mark McCarley.
After the game, the two sides shook hands and shared a dinner together that was provided by the hosts. With the sporting event and overall gathering a success, the 1st TSC team took the bus back to Camp Arifjan after an entertainment-filled Saturday with their Kuwaiti allies.