Polish News Translated - Zagan & Poznan April 19

By Bethany HuffApril 19, 2024

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Editor's Note: These are courtesy translations of local news provided by the U.S. Army Garrison Poland Public Affairs team for the benefit the military community stationed here. Views or opinions are not endorsed by USAG Poland or the U.S. Army.

Spring maintenance leads to summer enjoyment

Maintenance of the iconic fountain in Bolesławiec's picturesque Market Square is underway as the city gears up for the upcoming summer season. This annual upkeep is essential to ensure the fountain is in optimal condition for the influx of tourists and increased activity from residents during the warmer months.

Fountains play a crucial role in the urban ecosystem, serving not only as decorative features but also as refreshing retreats for both adults and children seeking respite from the heat. To maintain their functionality and aesthetic appeal, a series of tasks are undertaken. These include thorough cleaning of nozzles and filters to remove debris accumulated over the fall and winter months, such as leaves and mud. Additionally, inspections of pumps and pipelines are conducted to rectify any issues and prevent leaks, thus enhancing the fountain's efficiency.

Beyond technical considerations, preserving the fountain's aesthetic charm is paramount. A well-maintained fountain serves as a focal point of social activity in the bustling city market, providing a serene backdrop for gatherings and leisurely moments. As the city comes alive in the summer, these fountains transform into popular meeting spots, further cementing their significance in the urban landscape.

By prioritizing maintenance efforts ahead of the summer season, the city of Bolesławiec aims to ensure that the fountain remains not only a visual delight but also a functional asset that enhances the quality of life for residents and enriches the experiences of visitors. Additionally, the proliferation of restaurants with outdoor seating adds to the allure of the city, offering locals and tourists alike the opportunity to savor delicious meals amidst the vibrant ambiance.

Celebration of 34th Brigade of Armored Cavalry in Zagan

The 34th Armored Cavalry Brigade will mark its celebration on April 18th and 19th, 2024. Established in 1995 through the transformation of the 89th Mechanized Regiment, the unit is headquartered in Żagań and operates under the umbrella of the 11th Lubuskie Armored Cavalry Division.

Commencing with a Holy Mass at the Garrison Church in Żagań, the event saw the presence of distinguished guests including retired Colonel Eugeniusz Praczuk, Brigadier General Piotr Fajkowski, commander of the 11th Lubuskie Division, and Colonel Jerzy Biryłko, commander of the 34th Armored Cavalry Brigade. Following the service, attendees enjoyed a military orchestra concert at the Black Division club.

A significant highlight of the ceremony was the culmination of the 14th edition of the Tadeusz Buka Memorial Relay. Named in honor of Tadeusz Buka, former commander of the 34th Armored Cavalry Brigade and the Land Forces, who tragically perished in a plane crash near Smolensk on April 10, 2010, soldiers embarked on a 400-kilometer journey from Spala, where General Buka was interred, to Żagań.

Poznan Gears up for Grand Cavalry Celebration

Poznań, Poland - Excitement is building in Poznań as the city prepares for a grand celebration scheduled for Sunday, April 21. The festivities are set to kick off with a solemn Holy Mass atop Przemysła Hill, followed by a poignant ceremony at the recently refurbished monument paying tribute to the 15th Regiment of the Poznań Ulans, where floral tributes will be laid.

The highlight of the day will be a majestic procession of cavalry, commencing at 10:00. Led by spirited horsemen, the procession will wind its way through the city streets, including Matejki, Szylinga, Bukowska, Zeylanda, Zwierzyniecka, Św. Marcin, al. Marcinkowskiego, and Paderewskiego.

Following the procession, at approximately 12:00, the entourage will make its way to the Wielkopolska Military Museum for a sumptuous hussar feast, where the traditions of the regiment will be celebrated with pomp and ceremony. The Ulans will then display their equestrian prowess once more in the historic Old Market Square.

The festivities will continue around 12:15 as the cavalry procession glides through the bustling streets of Rynkowa, 23 February, pl. Cyril Ratajski, Libelta, Kościuszki, St. Marcin, Zwierzyniecka, Zeylanda, Bukowska, Szylinga, Matejki, and Wyspiański, culminating in the picturesque Kasprowicz Park (ARENA).

At the park, spectators can look forward to a variety of engaging activities, including the arrival of cavalrymen, captivating demonstrations by both military and civilian horsemen, and thrilling sword and lance competitions conducted at full gallop.

Notably, admission to all events is free, ensuring that everyone can partake in and enjoy this momentous celebration of Poznań's rich cultural and historical heritage.