JMC rep takes part in career fair at Harris-Stowe State University

By Matthew Wheaton, Joint Munitions Command, Public and Congressional AffairsMarch 14, 2023

JMC rep takes part in career fair at Harris-Stowe State University
Indigo Rockmore, a general engineer for the Joint Munitions Command, speaks to a student during a career fair, which took place Feb. 14-16, at Harris-Stowe State University Career Fair, in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

The Joint Munitions Command (JMC) remains closely aligned with the Department of Defense’s polices on diversity, inclusion, and equality.

JMC is committed to having a workforce that is more diverse than it already is. JMC seeks out and is heavily recruiting minorities to fill open positions across its Organic Industrial Base, and one way the command recently did this was by sending a representative to a career fair at Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU), which is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), located in St. Louis, Missouri.

HBCUs are institutions of higher education in the United States established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the intention of primarily serving the African American community.

Indigo Rockmore, a general engineer in Quality Assurance, repped JMC in the career fair, which took place Feb. 14-16, and she attended for a simple reason.

“I volunteered to go because I went to a Historically Black College and University,” Rockmore said. “I wanted to support and get people excited about the government.

“I want to help bring more people into the government from HBCUs,” added Rockmore, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native, who began her Civilian career three years ago and has been with JMC since last October.

Rockmore started out as an intern through the Minority College Relations Program. For six years, she filled various roles throughout the Army in that capacity. Rockmore has an abundance of knowledge about what life is like working for the government.

While in the “Show Me State,” Rockmore engaged with approximately 40 students, and she told them about the day-to-day operations supporting the Joint Force with ready, reliable, and lethal munitions at the speed of war.

With those she encountered, Rockmore discussed the primary reasons to work for JMC, as well as encouraged them to browse USA jobs to search for and view open positions across the enterprise.

“We need to keep the workforce up-to-date and keep getting new people because they bring new ideas,” Rockmore said. “A diverse workforce brings a level of comfortability. You feel like your voice can be heard more. You feel like you can engage more, and you can be yourself.

“I want to bring people in from around the world. They can bring different ideas from their various different backgrounds,” Rockmore added. “People should give JMC a chance and see where they can go.”