DEVCOM to recruit at BEYA STEM career fair

By Argie Sarantinos, DEVCOM HeadquartersFebruary 3, 2022

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, or DEVCOM, will host a booth during the 36th Black Engineer of the Year Awards STEM Conference’s virtual career fair February 18-19. The command will also participate in ceremonies at the Washington, D.C. location of the hybrid event, where they’ll honor DEVCOM employees for their achievements.

“DEVCOM has participated in the BEYA STEM Conference for more than six years, supporting a variety of programs, including mentoring, recruiting, workshops and career development initiatives. DEVCOM understands the importance of mentoring young, diverse talent and building a pipeline of strong candidates, as we continue to build a more inclusive workplace. Again this year, DEVCOM team members will staff our virtual career fair booth with the goal of recruiting the best in STEM talent,” said Deborah Dawson, DEVCOM human resources director.

Recruiters and hiring managers from DEVCOM’s eight technology centers and research laboratory will interview prospective candidates during the career fair as part of its plan to recruit, train and maintain a diverse and highly skilled workforce. The event also aligns with the development and implementation of a Future of Work program, which DEVCOM is spearheading for the U.S. Army. Recently, DEVCOM advanced into the next phase of the Future of Work program, which supports attracting and retaining the best talent anywhere and forming geographically dispersed, cross-competency, cross-organizational teams that support DEVCOM’s mission to rapidly deliver integrated technology solutions. The Future of Work program also embraces remote work, flexible work schedules and innovative hiring practices.

“We want to provide the flexibility to our workforce to work where and when they're most productive,” said John Willison, DEVCOM’s deputy to the commanding general.

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The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, known as DEVCOM, is home to thousands of Army scientists, engineers, technicians and analysts working around the globe to leverage cutting-edge technologies and empower the American warfighter with the data and abilities to see, sense, make decisions and act faster than our adversaries – today and in the future.

As part of the Army Futures Command, DEVCOM takes calculated risks to find new technological solutions each day. Our experts drive innovation, improve existing technologies and engineer solutions to technical challenges. Our work goes beyond theory to simulation and prototyping. We take potential science and technology solutions from the lab “into the dirt” for experimentation alongside Army Soldiers. DEVCOM prides itself as a global ecosystem of innovators, from world-class universities and large defense contractors, to small, minority-owned businesses and international allies and partners.