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Haitian children hold up a sign thanking Central Texans and the Directorate of Public Works at Fort Hood, Texas, for the backpacks and toys sent to them in late December. (Photo Credit: Photo courtesy Winnsor Desil) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT HOOD, Texas - Bety Joseph is kicking off the new year by finding a new home for unwanted items. As individuals make a resolution to purge and declutter their closets, Joseph is reusing these items and sending them to family and friends in Haiti.

Inspired by her father’s acts of kindness, Joseph is continuing his legacy by teaching her children to make a difference.

“My dad was always giving to the community,” she said. “I don’t have a lot, but I want to help others, as well, because that is how I was raised.”

Joseph sends barrels full of clothes, toys and food to Haiti twice a year, collecting unwanted and new items from the community. Her brother, Winnsor Desil, then helps to pass out the items to children in the neighborhood.

After widespread damage caused by an earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace, in August, Joseph saw that the Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works was giving away backpacks and school supplies.

“The timing clicked and I was like, ‘I can use them and send to Haiti,’” she said. “It made me feel wonderful that DPW answered, not even one hour, that I could stop by and grab them. I was crying and I was happy … it meant a lot.”

In August, Angela Mack, a realty specialist with DPW, and her team members from the Environmental and Real Property Planning Divisions, collected donations and hosted fundraisers to help youth prepare for the academic year.

“Sharing truly is caring! It was very moving to see the impact donations of backpacks and school supplies have made,” Mack said. “Not only were families in our local Fort Hood community assisted, but also families from Haiti, coping with the devastation of recent weather events. Look what we can do when we unite for a worthy cause.”

Bety Joseph, accepts two backpacks for her children at from the Directorate of Public Works at Fort Hood, Texas. She later reached out to DPW for a backpack donation for children in Haiti and received 10 backpacks to send. (Photo Credit: Christine Luciano, Fort Hood DPW Environmental) VIEW ORIGINAL

With the help of Central Texans and DPW, Joseph and her family in Haiti were able to help more than 50 children with clothes, toys and school supplies, which arrived there late last month.

“We give gifts the last day of December and it arrived right on time … it was a blessing,” Joseph said.

As a veteran spouse and family upbringing, Joseph at her core is a giver and committed to selfless service.

“I try to help out anywhere I can and for the kids in Haiti that don’t have a lot,” she said. “I hope this will inspire my children, and encourage them to also bring happiness to others.”